Kickstarter project—Book on relational transformation

On August 1, 2012, in General, by Neil Williams

We have just launched a project on kickstarter to raise support to complete a book on relational transformation.

The outline of the book will follow the blog posts that I did last year on relational transformation. Our plan is to turn this and other material into a book. But more than that, we would love you to be a part of the process.

You can find all the details on kickstarter at:

I especially hope that you can be a part of giving feedback on the material pre-publication.

The campaign to raise support will run for 30 days and will end August 31st.



2 Responses to Kickstarter project—Book on relational transformation

  1. Peter Kress says:

    I want to encourage our readers to support Neil’s book through Kickstarter. Neil’s take on transformation and moral action represent a necessary evolution from law based ethics through situational ethics which recognized a keen sense of humanity’s changing context and structure and the need to condition moral choices toward practical outcomes towards a relational basis for human endeavor, service and collaboration.

    Psalm 84 suggests that the measure of blessed living is not what someone does, but what their wake looks like. Do deserts become gardens in their presence or do gardens become deserts? In some sense my goal is more than to love you, but that you are loved.

    Neil’s book explores how the gospel of Jesus becomes inspiration, context and power for relational living. Our relationships are changed as we find ourselves living in and through the story of Jesus. In this context we need to grapple deeply with the biblical meme that we only find life as we lay down our lives for others. Here we experience suffering/service as context, consequence and conduit of both breaking and renewing relationships.

    I am expecting to continue to be personally challenged through both the process and the product of Neil’s project. I intend for my own gospelmemes series to dialogue with the concepts and insights that Neil develops in this project. I believe that you will find benefit as well.


    Peter Kress

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